Useful & important information

Useful Information


Tap water is drinking water

Tap water is drinking water

Vorarlberg’s water is very much drinkable! This means there is absolutely no need to buy water. Just turn on the tap and fill up your very own World Gymnaestrada bottle, and: cheers!


Drinking bottle and gym bag

Drinking bottle and gym bag

Upon presentation of the voucher on their accreditation card, all participants will receive a drinking bottle and a gym bag for free. These can be picked up at their respective school. Who is not staying in a school can exchange their voucher at Gymnaestrada Mile (between Hall 8 and 9) at the Trade Exh. Centre.


Alarm on Saturday 12:00 – Don’t panic!

alarm on saturday

Every Saturday at 12:00 sirens can be heard all over Vorarlberg. But this is nothing to worry about, just a weekly check of our alarm systems. So don’t be scared, just enjoy your lunch!


Crossing borders

crossing borders

When making trips to other countries nearby (GER, SUI, LIE):

  • Don’t forget your passport
  • In Switzerland and Liechtenstein they pay with Swiss Francs (Euros are accepted in most places)

In Vorarlberg, people speak differently than in the rest of Austria. Here an Alemannic dialect is spoken, similar to in the German- speaking part of Switzerland and Swabia in Bavaria, Germany.


Attention: Swiss mobile networks

Swiss mobile networks

Due to the proximity to Switzerland, it is quite common for mobile phones to accidentally register onto Swiss networks.

Phone calls and data use via Swiss networks can end up being very expensive! However, any unwanted “roaming” can be prevented by deactivating automatic network selection on your phone and instead manually choosing an Austrian network.

TO AVOID – SWISS NETWORKS: Swisscom, Sunrise, Salt


Shops are closed on Sundays

closed shops on sundays

In Austria, no shopping is possible on a Sunday. So make sure you get what you need the day before!


Where can I get food?

eating and drinking at the Gymnaestrada

As well as all the restaurants in Dornbirn‘s city centre, there‘s also a wide range of culinary options at the Trade Exhibition Centre (Gymnaestrada Mile) 
and in the Messepark shopping centre (open until 19:30).


VAT Refund

Visitors living outside the European Union are entitled to a VAT-refund for purchases higher than EUR 75. Ask for the special form in the shop. The goods must be brought out of the country within three months and their export must be certified by a stamp from the EU border customs office. The VAT usually is refunded as soon as the stamped form is received by the seller in Austria, in some cases also directly with crossing the border.

Important Information


In Case of Emergency

emergency numbers

133 – police
144 – medical emergency

Note: Please identify yourself as a World Gymnaestrada participant at the beginning of your call.
This identification will help with the follow-up of incidents, both in general and at the Gymnaestrada events.

How to make an Emergency call?
1. WHO is calling (name / World Gymnaestrada participant)
2. WHAT happened?
3. WHERE did the incident happen?
4. HOW MANY injured people are there?

In Austria, most medication requires a prescription from a doctor. Any prescriptions which may be required can be issued by the on-duty doctor at the Medical Centre located in the Trade Exhibition Centre.


Where can I find help?

At the event site, World Gymnaestrada staff will be happy to answer any questions and give you all the latest information. The staff are instantly recognisable by their red shirts with the words “ask me”.


Medical Service

Medical Service

A 24 / 7 emergency office is available at the Trade Exhibition­­ Centre in Hall 15 for the entire duration of the World ­Gymnaestrada 2019. This Medical Centre is ready to meet a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic needs, including comprehensive physiotherapy. Additionally, specialist ­doctors are also available at the Medical Centre as required. The Medical Centre and its resources are available at all times to the respective team doctors and physiotherapists of the participating nations.

Medical services, including physiotherapy in the Medical ­Centre, are available for free to all Gymnaestrada participants. Any medical treatment used outside the Medical Centre, in hospitals or other institutions, are free of charge for all EU citizens as long as they have a European health insurance card. For non-EU citizens, any treatment received must be paid for; reimbursement requests can then be made to their home country medical insurance upon return. Participants with the World Gymnaestrada Generali insurance policy will have any treatment covered under their insurance.


Proof of Insurance in Case of Emergency

generali insurance

All Gymnaestrada participants are strongly urged to have with them their proof of insurance in case of emergency, in addition to their accreditation. Participants with Generali insurance will have corresponding proof of this noted on their accreditation card.


Lost & Found

Lost and Found

All found objects are stored at the Info Point of the respective venue (with the exception of the Casino Stadium Bregenz and Birkenwiese Stadium Dornbirn, here they are stored at the ticket centre), until being transferred to the official lost property office of the respective municipality.


Info Point at the Trade Exhibition Centre

Info Point at the Trade Exhibition Centre

World Gymnaestrada Info at the Trade Exhibition Centre
Hall 13 | Opening Hours: 9:00 – 18:00

World Gymnaestrada hotline
0043 810 810 600

The WG hotline will centralise all calls and take care of any issues that may occur.

The hotline will be reachable 24 hours a day from 8:00 on Sunday 7th July until 12:00 on Sunday 14th July!


Sexual assaul

Anyone affected by sexual assault, whether it happened to you or someone you care about, can find support on our World Gymnaestrada Hotline 0043 810810600. There you´ll be connected with a trained staff member from a sexual assault service to receive confidential support.

For more information you can visit:
IOC Toolkit
Safeguarding Athletes from Harassment and Abuse