Vorarlberg – at home all over the world!

Vorarlberg is a really ideal location for the Gymnaestrada in the Heart of Europe!

Vorarlberg is the very place for the World Gymnaestrada because of its geographical position. Its neighbours Germany and Switzerland are well-known for their enthusiasm for gymnastics sports. Italy and the metropolis Milan are only a few hours away by car. Zurich, Munich and Stuttgart are even closer. Vorarlberg is a border region "without borders". The close cooperation and exchange with the neighbours in and near the Rhine Valley and Lake Constance: the Principality of Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Bavaria, Baden Württemberg and of course Tyrol are vital and manifold and there is a good relationship between the individual gymnastics clubs.

Vorarlberg is famous for its alpine tourism. The beauty of its countryside, the culture, many historic places of interest and an excellent gastronomy offer our guests every day a really unforgettable experience. There are altogether about 75,000 beds in hotels, pensions and private lodgings available for holidaymakers from all over the world.


The people

Not many citizens of London, Paris, Berlin or New York have ever been to Vorarlberg, let alone our friends from Asia, Africa or South America, but it's different the other way round. Vorarlberg is a charming mix of people, who love being at home as well as travelling the world. A combination of urban modernity and countryside tradition.

The trade and industry of our region for example, exports most of its goods and has very good business connections and partners in all continents of the world. Here you can find international industrial enterprises, as well as mountain farmers, traditional crafts and future orientated high-tech companies. In this respect Vorarlberg is one of the most booming regions in Europe. This creates at the same time a sound basis for a rich cultural and social life, and also helps to conserve nature and to maintain and further develop social structures.

The other side is "being at home", being open to the world but at the same time identifying yourself with this small region with its clear and simple atmosphere. Vorarlberg attracts a lot of people from other countries to live and work here. The result is a cultural mix which will become even broader and livelier through the World Gymnaestrada. We are looking forward with excitement to this getting together of tradition and modern life, of people, knowledge and values.


Our nature

The landscape of Vorarlberg plays an important role not only for the inhabitants, but will be an ideal setting for the World Gymnaestrada 2019. The towns and villages, the venues with the centre Dornbirn are all surrounded by the natural beauty of this region. Of course we will make sure that all participants will have access to these beauty spots.

Less than a third of Vorarlberg is densely populated. The majority is big forests and high majestic mountains, rugged rocks and rolling hills with charming little valleys and breathtaking gorges, torrents as well as quiet babbling brooks. All this has influenced the character of the people and the region. The participants getting to know the natural beauty of Vorarlberg are at the same time discovering the characteristics of the Vorarlberg people.


Small places with great flair

Dornbirn, the location of the World Gymnaestrada 2019 is the largest town in Vorarlberg. Compared to other Gymnaestrada-cities, Dornbirn with its 48,000 inhabitants is rather small, but the city of trade fairs and exhibitions can offer an excellent infrastructure and an ideal environment for participants and spectators.

The concept of the organisation, however, does also include the towns and villages of the whole Vorarlberg Rhine Valley. The Gymnaestrada participants will live and do their performances from the education- and culture town Feldkirch in the south to the region's capital Bregenz at Lake Constance. The surrounding villages situated in the Bregenzerwald, the Walgau, the Große Walsertal and the Montafon are beautiful places for outings and appropriate offers for participants are being prepared.