Postponed: Wednesday, 10th July 14:30



Location  Birkenwiese Stadium, Dornbirn
Date Sunday, 7th July
Time 16.00 h
Duration 2 hours
Capacity 25.000 persons
Motto Show your Colours!
Note Spectators standing on all sides of the arena
Measure 7000m²

On Sunday, 7th July 2019 at 16 h, all participants will meet at the Birkenwiese –  all the groups will march in wearing their nation’s colours and take up their positions in the stadium.

The stadium has been extended to a capacity of 25.000 places for people (20.000 participants and approximately 5000 spectators), so that as many visitors as possible will be able to enjoy the official welcome speeches, the hoisting of the FIG, the World Gymnaestrada and the Austrian flags and the opening show Show your Colours! with participants from the whole of the Lake Constance region.

After the opening ceremony, the mayors of the individual towns and villages will greet the guests in their National Villages with the motto Colour Our Village. The hosts are looking forward to welcoming all participants in their villages.


The Opening Ceremony will be broadcast live on ORF.