World Gymnaestrada app

Free, up-to-date and optimised information about the World Gymnaestrada straight to your pocket – it’s all in the app!

The World Gymnaestrada app is designed as a simple and user-friendly information portal. It will provide all the most up-to-date info, guide you through the wealth of events and help you navigate between the different venues.

With various filters, you can access all the information that’s most relevant to you. The app also provides useful information about Vorarlberg, sightseeing highlights, National Villages, public transport, and exhibitors.

We’ve always got our phone within reach these days, so with the World Gymnaestrada app you’ve literally got all the info you need at your fingertips – now that’s smart!

Free registration

The World Gymnaestrada app has been designed with both iOS (apple app store) and Android (google play store) users in mind. Just search for “wg2019” and install the app.

Once downloaded, the contents can also be accessed offline, although updates require an internet connection.

The app is available in English and is ideal for everyone, whether you’re a visitor or a participant.


If you are a participant: You can create your own password or use the one on the accreditation card to create your own schedule.
If you are a visitor: You can create your own password.