National Villages

The participating countries will be accommodated in National Villages. The creation of National Villages was an idea, that was implemented for the first time in Vorarlberg in 2007 and functioned very well. For that reason, this concept will be used again in 2019.

What are National Villages?
All participants from the same country will be accommodated in the same town. For instance in 2007, the Dutch were all accommodated in the area of Haselstauden in Dornbirn. The population of Haselstauden had concentrated on preparing Dutch signposts and menus. The gymnasts could all communicate with each other and their head of delegation was also in the same place. This concept was of great benefit for all participants, the group leaders, the head of delegation and also for the population, who gave their best to ensure “their Nation” will made to feel welcome there.  

With the creation of the “National Villages” in 2007, many friendships and personal relationships were formed between the participating nations and their host towns and villages, which enabled the stay to become a personal experience. For many gymnasts in 2019 it will be like a “return to old friends”, so that’s why we are trying to retain the structure from 2007.   

The locals are really delighted
The population is really delighted and full of anticipation for the event. Already we have had numerous requests from various towns and villages who would like “their nation” back, as participants and population became close-knit and the participants brought a sparkle and colour with them and the locals provided the local welcoming atmosphere!    

In a nutshell
All participants are welcome in Vorarlberg and the Vorarlberg population are already full of anticipation and delight and cannot wait to be your hosts again!

Far away?
At first, it maybe sounds as if a long distance is involved, when all the participants are accommodated in different towns and villages. No, that is not so!  The Rhine Valley where all our participants will be accommodated is approximately the same size as Helsinki and with the very efficient public transport that we provide, you can reach all event venues from your accommodation in about 30 minutes. Ideas and requests from our participating nations concerning accommodation for 2019 will naturally be taken into consideration when possible.