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In 2015 the LOC in Helsinki introduced the World Team for the first time and set a new mile-stone for the World Gymnaestrada. The World Team is an international large group performance in which gymnasts from all over the world can take part. What is special, is that it is not connected with any group, but all of those who participate in the World Gymnaestrada can take part, even individuals. There were so many registrations in Helsinki - and over 2.000 people took part in the World Team.


The complete choreography has already been presented to the FIG committee in February 2018 at the 2nd Joint Meeting; a further demonstration took place at the GfA course in Ottawa, Canada. Since April 2018 everybody interested can download the entire instruction material for learning the World Team choreography down below.

Learn the World Team Choreography

Download choreography package (incl. videos) ...

Download as ZIP file (1.87GB), contains instruction videos, music and written choreography instructions

Download choreography package ...

Download as ZIP file (24MB), contains music and written choreography instructions

Attention: Due to the high demand for the World Team (we already have pre-registrations for more than 2.500 participants) with at the same time limited capapcity on the performance area at the Birkenwiese Stadium Dornbirn, the current status in our project plan looks like we are going to split the World Team into two groups, World Team "Blue" and World Team "Green". This shall ensure that everybody interested can in fact also participate in the World Team.

The allocation of participants interested in the World Team towards Team "Blue" and Team "Green" can only be specified by the Definitive Registration. It needs to be stressed in this respect: with the decision to have a performance of each World Team group on Thursday at the Large Group Performances event in Bregenz, it will be very difficult to participate at the National Federation's Large Group Performance AND the World Team!


  • World Team "Blue": Dornbirn Special (Wednesday) and Large Group Performances (Thursday)
  • World Team "Green": Large Group Performances (Thursday) and Closing Ceremony (Saturday)


Participants described their impressions in the following words:
(Source: Prof. Dr. Angela Wichmann, Participating in the World Gymnaestrada – An expression and experience of a supra-national community, 2015)

"It fulfils my old gymnast’s heart with pride that we are now doing truly international gymnastics. I would have never dared to even dream about that."

"We speak different languages, we live in different places, we have different cultures, but we are all united by gymnastics and through the dance and the gymnastics we are all speaking the same language. So, it kind of takes down a lot of barriers."

World Team Helsinki 2015

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